Father’s Day Cooking with Papa Sal (was) LIVE

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  1. what he said at the end was so nice, touching and absolutely true! I really believe cooking is an act of love, great to share with our loved ones. Thanks for sharing and buon appetito 💕

    • NinaB Catherine I agree, even if the kitchen is hot and I have so much going on in the kitchen at once I pour so much love into what I’m making and my heart feels so full watching my family or friends enjoy it.

    • Sammi_Sunshine4646 absolutely!! there’s no best compliment than seeing them enjoy what you prepare with love! 🙌

  2. That was so much fun. I’ve missed Sal’s one-liners. He should have his own monthly segment so he can impart wisdom from his years of restaurant experience.

  3. Loved the video Laura and Papa Sal! Just found out my daughter is pregnant with Twins! I am still in Shock!

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