Chris Kresser Influencing Your Mitochondria with Sleep, Nutrition and a Healthy Microbiome


Chris Kresser is a renowned speaker, author, and pioneer in the world of chronic pain. His goal is to transform the world of healthcare, by examining the impact of epigenetics, and nutrition on the microbiome. His interest in the subject began after contracting a tropical parasite overseas. Since then, he has battled a debilitating chronic pain condition that left at the hands of the healthcare system.

1How to maximize their health from the very foundations of their physiology

Kresser knew there had to be more than conventional treatment and prescriptions to heal his body. He turned to the gut. Since then, he has made a name for himself as the health coach to extraordinarily high functioning CEOs, entrepreneurs, and top-tier athletes. Teaching them how to maximize their health from the very foundations of their physiology.

Hear Ben and Kresser discuss why epigenetics are the most influential variable in your physiology. How submitting your body to unreasonable amounts of destructive stress, can destroy your results.




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