Chicken Shawarma Recipe | Episode 1182

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    • Rishika Kumar that’s a greek yogurt mixture? Oh I thought it was a Lebanese yogurt sauce. Sorry misunderstood

    • Marie Anne Yeah I just referred to it as that because the main ingredient (or at least the ingredient with the highest quantity) in the “sauce” she used was greek yogurt😆👌🤙

  1. Shawarma is one of the most popular street foods here in Pakistan. The chicken is cooked on a rotating grill, its served on pita bread with cabbage, garlic mayo or plain mayo and pickled carrots, cucumbers and green chillies.

    • Waqar Khan sheee recreated it. She knows what the original shawarma has. If you didn’t hear her say it’s recreated by her and no means the original.

    • @aesthatic gal I’m not by any mean trying to correct her. I was just telling people about Pakistani version of it. The original one has tomatoes and tahini in it too.

    • بھائی پاکستان میں کون سی جگہ پر اچھا والا شوارمہ ملتا ہے ذرا نام بتائیےگا ، جزاک الله @Waqar Khan

  2. This is a bit different from the traditional Arab shawarma, as you mentioned, but very close to the one we get in Pakistan. It’s a staple street food here, LOVE it. Usually chicken shawarma here is served in a pita with pickled cucumbers and onions, topped with a red spicy hot sauce and a yogurt sause, yum!!

    • Zubia Rizvi she said she recreated the recipe and that by no means it’s the original or traditional just in case you didn’t hear her say that:)

    • Aesthetic Girl – She did hear her say that. Which is why she said “as you mentioned”, referring to Laura.

  3. That looks so yummy, Laura. So, you have to come all the way to the city for some pita bread? That’s crazy… lol

  4. I was laughing towards the end it reminded me of me of when I eat and I’m starving! You can tell she was hungry haha! I love the recipe!

  5. That’s it, I’m putting a mortar and pestle on my wish list. I think it would be good culinary meditation! This looks delicious.

  6. I’m so creeped out because I literally sat at work today eating a hummus bowl wanting to learn how to make it…..

  7. The Middle Eastern restaurant near me puts pickled okra on their shawarma sandwiches. It’s so good! Thank you for the recipe, Laura!

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