Chicken Q&A With Ben And James

Everything you need to know about cooking chicken is answered by Ben & James in today's chef Q&A. We might go just a little bit off topic…

Learn how to poach a chicken:
Check out our insane Chicken Parmigiana recipe:

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  1. Ben talking about “protection” brings that same kind of cringe felt when your parents uses the same word. XD

  2. About the raindrop cake, if you perfect it please show some failed attempts too :D. Of course it’s always nice to see a perfect thing, but I think it’s nice to see you guys are human some times πŸ˜€

    • Actually, videos of failed attempts can be quite informative if you explain what you did wrong so we can learn some pitfalls in different recipes and styles of cooking. I would hope for more than just the raindrop cake but other failed attempts as well.

    • True but for other things, seeing over-whipped cream turn into overly sweet butter or improperly folded egg whites turning to soup can also be used as object lessons to the novice cooks who might think that some steps are merely suggestions. For Raindrop Cake, watching it fall would simply be fun, especially after we saw it work. I know that I, for one, would get a greater appreciation for the effort involved.

  3. Hour after I made lasagne, you post a lasagne recipe.
    Hour after I made roast chicken, here we are.
    Coincidence ? I don’t think so.

  4. For the chefs, have you tried eating or cooking some filipino food? (Well other than adobo) I think a lechon will be perfect for a big night in πŸ™‚

  5. What’s your thought process when crafting a new recipe? Do you choose your protein first, then pick some ingredients and try to complement them?

    • Andrei Toderean it always varies… There is usually a weekly theme. When the theme is as obvious as chicken… Decision made. But if it’s breakfast or Singapore or cheese or honey then we go with whatever you guys say most often and/or try to create a real balance between meats, veg and fish and cultural influences.

  6. I would have liked you guys to mention the popular southern dish, chicken and waffles. Hear your thoughts and maybe get a video in the future as well

  7. I’m glad James is getting more screen time, like I love the original 4 but a Scottish tang thrown in to the mix livens up the channel πŸ™‚ also random question – How is Ollie? And will he be on tasting foods any time soon (like a kids food week maybe?)

  8. To translate Ben’s awkward sign language:
    Chickens have what’s called a cloaca (clo-ay-ka) where they will literally dump everything through that single exit (waste, reproduction, etc.) so when two chickens mate, they will do what Ben acted out and “bump” cloacas (it’s a bit friskier than a bump but you know what I mean).
    Hopefully that helped!

  9. A video of Ben and James trying to make the Japanese water cake would be hilarious, just imagine the rising levels of frustration

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