Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets

Self twirling forks, a vegetable sharpener, a tea tool and a breakfast toaster. We reckon James and Ben's heads might explode if they caught us using these BUT useless or not? You decide.

You can find the gadgets here:

Twirling Spaghetti Fork –
DOBO Sharpener, Peeler and Spiral Slicer –
The Tea Tool –
Smart Breakfast Master Toaster –

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  1. Another Wednesday. Another Sortedfood video. Another video to fuel my obsession. Fabulous.

    Update: All of those gadgets were/are useless. James really is my spirit animal and it was shown perfectly in this video. All completely useless.

    • hi Erica, I have a disability and so very bad motor skills. For me, gadgets like a twirling spaghetti fork, no matter how silly or “useless” it might sound, can on bad days mean that I actually do not have to be fed. I don’t mean to be disrespectful in any way, it’s just something to keep in mind next time you come across something like this 😊

    • I was getting ready to say something to that effect. Some food gadgets that may seem useless to the average person could be intended for the physically disabled.

  2. The only one of these I personally find useful, is the twirling fork cause I know some people whose hands’re janky and can’t really pick up pasta themselves. The others can just go away. [especially anything to do with teabags. Just no.

  3. All I can think of is the fact that more gadgets = more things to be washed. Especially that egg toaster… goodness.

    Also, a question: Is an actual, switched-on fridge used for filming fridgecam? I’d bet quite a bit of electricity goes wasted by having it open for so long…

  4. Please keep in mind that most of these products are geared to help people with disabilities, and are only marketed to the general public to make more money.

    • I’ve never thought about that actually. I just recently commented that these were useless gadgets in the kitchen, but I can now see the use for people with disabilities.

  5. As silly as those twirling forks are, I am tempted to but some for the kids in my family and see if I can get them to eat spiralized vegetables. I feel an experiment coming.

    • Esther Gee How are people still making “triggered” jokes in 2018? Can we have that word back? Please? Can I go back to having a fitting description for my experiences as an autistic? It’d be fantastic. “Triggered” is cool if you’re not using it to refer to something that simply annoys someone, because that just doesn’t make sense. But let’s be a little more understanding here.

  6. I don’t want to be that person, but the twirling fork and the tea tool are pretty obviously for people with disabilities. Like people that don’t have good muscle control. Just saying. Also they are priced high because corps like taking advantage of the disabled.

  7. The spinning fork would most likely be useful for people with arthritis, Parkinson’s or other physical impairments. It’s not that stupid and looks like a pretty good product.

  8. James, my man. I can feel your anger. I see how much effort you put in keeping the reviews PG13.


    Release your inner kraken and call bullshit when bullshit presents itself.

    • James is such a gentle guy 99% of the time though. And that’s part of his charm because he and Ben stay calm while the other boys just go nuts….

      THAT SAID, these gadgets were in fact total crap. xD

  9. As heads up in the future- that spaghetti fork for someone like me who is disabled is great. So no, it’s not useless. But I’m glad that none of you are sick enough to have to think of it in that way. Cheers.

    • Dria ThundweWolf Just consider yourself lucky to not have a problem with disability.
      None of us think the world revolves around us, we just want to also have things that help in daily life. Again, you obviously don’t know how hard life can be for people with disability, as the world is mainly for people without it.
      Technically, people need to think about the needs of disabled people as much as the non-disabeled.

    • I work in special education and glad someone commented this lol. It is useful for the kids I work with, elderly or small children

    • The interesting thing about disability is that anyone can join our club anytime. One bad genetic marker, one bad accident, and you’re one of us–permanently. I sincerely hope it never happens to you.

    • Dria ThundweWolf I hope that you maintain your perfect heath and don’t have to experience the world from the POV of many people on this thread. Bringing attention to the fact, or requesting that sometimes someone acknowledges that their way of life is not the only way of life is not having the world revolve around them. I could go into the history of disability rights and explain why people speak up.. But frankly I don’t think you care. And that’s fine. But the other commenter on this thread is right. It’s very easy to become a part of this community.

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