Cheesecake Stuffed Baked French Toast | Episode 1183

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    • SUKISHO100 To be honest it is not that bad. I pretty much like all foods, love every kind of vegetable and like cooking. I still eat great stuff, just with the right ingredients for myself. Went low on the carbs, if I eat carbs only the good ones and not much, and lost ten kilos since March. I was never overweight, but now I fit into skirts I wore eight years ago. My energy levels are high and steady, not tired anymore all the time. I like the feeling and also like the challenge of cooking healthy meals. It can get a bit harder if I don’t have much time for cooking or have to eat in the city. Not many choice for me there other than salad. And as much as I like salads, I don’t want to eat them three times a day 😀

    • OrangeTabbyCat I like your outlook. I got pretty depressed about my test results…but good to know that things are looking up for you. I definitely need to start thinking like you!

  1. Don’t know how Laura can make such great meals so rich , yet still maintain her lovely figure , if it was me , I’d weigh 450 pounds by now.

  2. Laura u look amazing in turquoise… i have been following you for years… loads of love from Denmark! 🇩🇰😘😍😍

  3. Oh my this looks ridiculously delicious! How did you not lick the spoon after you served your piece?!! Lol…..we will definitely give this a try very soon! 😊

  4. Lmbo……. i loge ur expressions lol. I thought I was the only one to say, ” Oh mylanta”….. lol. I cant begin to say how amaing this looks

  5. Hi Laura love the videos. Just FYI “bread” is implied by the word challah so you don’t need to say it after 🙂

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