Can You Combine Ratatouille and Risotto Into 1 Awesome Recipe? #spon

Here's an awesome mid week meal that you're going to love: ratatouille risotto! It's a blend of two famous comfort dishes and cuts out the indulgent ingredients like cream, butter and cheese- without compromising on flavour, might we add.

Ratatouille Risotto Recipe:

More information on Kenwood products including the traditional blender used in this recipe:

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  1. funny thing is, butter has fewer calories compared to rapeseed oil. The only upside of oil is there’s no cholesterol.

  2. This is a perfectly good recipe that just happens to be vegan but I bet if they had put the word vegan in the title a lot more people would be pissed

  3. It always annoys me that when you guys cook with asparagus you cut off the end with a knife. I was always taught that you shouldn’t cut it, but instead bend it until it breaks naturally to get all of the end off that you don’t want to eat

    • Freja Kirstine Kölln They used to do that too, in some of the old videos. Not sure what changed, maybe it just wasn’t efficient enough?!

    • my guess is that they got a lot of flack for “wasting food” because they usually break beyond the point that you’d cut them but like……………. it’s not wasting food if you can’t friggin eat it lol

    • Most of the time, you can do one the way you said, and if the asparagus are from the same batch you can cut them on the same point. They explained it once, or Donal Skehan did. But it’s quite a time-saving trick!

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