Can We Bake Barry’s Naked Wedding Cake?

So Barry wanted a skilled, creative and famous chef to make his wedding cake for the big day… But one wasn’t available so he asked Ben. Give this video a cheeky like if you think Ben did a good job!

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  1. My knowledge on cooking/baking is still limited, so what does “naked” mean
    in baking terms? Or cake terms, whatever.

    • more specifically, no frosting on the sides of the cake so you can see the
      distinctive layers. here Ben “scratched it up” per Hayley’s request but
      also to clean up the frosting poking out. you can do it either way (scratch
      or no scratch) and still have a “naked” cake

  2. BEN just level the burnt bottom of the carrot cake off. Well, this wedding
    has already happend so can’t do much

    • He’s gotta level off enough so people can’t taste the burnt part, and he’s
      gotta bake another to make sure the tiers are all the same height without
      compromising the stability (by simply adding more frosting in between
      layers– it’d just goop out and mess it up). Plus, it was a special day and
      Barry and Hayley deserved it.

  3. That almost looks as good as our wedding cake :P. We definitely didnt bake
    it ourselves though haha! Left it to the pros or else it would look like a
    big flopping mess!

  4. I can’t believe Barry’s married!???? Congratulations Barry & Hayley! Lets
    hope to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet on the Sorted Food set asap!
    That will surely make your battles exciting if Barry has a baby strapped to
    his front???? lmao

  5. Great job Ben, the cake looked lovely and of course delicious I bet,
    congrats to the newly weds!!!

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