Can Four Idiots Run A Food Truck Selling Sweet Nachos?!

That's a good question right? Can we successfully set up a food truck and sell out of our recipe, sweet nachos? Bring on the challenge! Thanks to all you guys who showed up.

Get the recipe and try it out yourself:

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  1. It was absolutely fabulous! So grateful to have gotten to have a tasting with you all! Catch me at 8:09 ✌️

  2. This is irrelevant to this video- but if I want to make paella but don’t have the rice, is risotto rice fine?

  3. That looked great! But yeah, I’d probably agree that maybe some fruit would be nice? Maybe some strawberries? I wish I could’ve come but I live in Australia LOL

  4. Ben, the girl at 4:34 was super cute. Missed the opportunity for a date lol. Nachos look awesome. I’m going to try these at home.

    • Caramel Victim I know, I found GMM through Sorted, haha. But with Mythical Summer, every Friday there’s guests hosting instead of Rhett and Link, so that’s what I’m hoping for here. ☺

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