Breakfast Muffin Recipe

Need a delicious way to start your day? We reckon our muffins are peeeerfect! Moist, tasty and packed full of great ingredients, these easy to make muffins are a great grab and go breakfast option.

Get the recipe here:

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  1. I know what I’m making next weekend. And I may also add a grated zucchini and trick my kids into eating even more veggies

    • MrCleggyWeggy I would love a chinese week in general. Those recipies always seem so complicated ingredients wise. If that could be made with ingredients people tend to have at home (and not like 30 different things per meal) that would be great.

  2. Looks wonderful. Have you tried a Carrot Cake without Dairy & Egg products. I also just made Vegan Spreadable Butter. I use Xanthan Gum to bind it with and it’s great to use. Have a fantastic day. Cheers.!

  3. I think adding pumpkin, hemp, and chia seeds would boost the energy the muffins would provide while making them a complete protein source…

  4. How much is “not a lot of sugar”? I’ve come to the colclusion that that’s subjective.. Cuz that’s way too much for me to start the day with. :/
    I got some really nice ones I make with almond flour (no starchy flour), erytriol, bluberries and rasberries. That’s it for the sweet stuff! (But then of course there’s more stuff to make it into a dough).

    • Yeah, between the bowl of sugar, sugar on top, apple, pineapple and dried cranberries, there’s a lot of sugar going on here.

    • Agreed! I make muffins with ground oats or polenta and a little flour, and once you add berries or cinnamon or vanilla I really don’t think they need the sugar – but that’s from someone who hasn’t had processed sugar in a long time

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