Brandon Lilly- The Rise, Fall and Life Lessons


Becoming the best in the world has it’s consequences. How the journey out of powerlifting has been one of Brandon’s biggest challenges and greatest triumphs. From surgeries to depression Lilly has dealt with it all and has great life lessons to share in this conversational episode between two legends.

His new drug

2:40- How collapsing on stage changed the trajectory of Brandon’s life.

6:30- The decent. How coming down the mountain can be just as hard as ascending it.

9:35- His new drug. How social media gave Brandon a high even when he was at his low.

12:00 The Champion Mindset. Laser focus and drive is what is necessary to be a champion but what does it do to those around you.

15:40- How a childhood incident made Brandon give two middle fingers to the world and why it took him years to change that mentality.

17:05- How Brandon got into powerlifting and his advice to aspiring powerlifters.

21:05- Stop and smell the roses; the journey is what makes the destination.

23:55- Living without labels. The discussion turns to how labeling yourself can put you in a self-fulfilling box.

29:30- Escape vs. enlightenment- Brandon’s experimentation with drugs and how changing his end goal changed everything.

The Hero’s Dose

32:00- The Hero’s Dose- How Brandon used a high dose of mushrooms for self-discovery and to overcome depression.

34:20- Brandon’s transition from geared powerlifting to raw and how it changed the sport.

41:40- The ego can cause you to do crazy things. Including turning your mentor into your nemesis.

45:10-Ben and Brandon discuss how to use your haters for personal growth.

48:10- Why gratitude is so important and completely changes your perspective.

50:30- What Brandon is doing now that he has retired from powerlifting and his extreme practices to rehab his knees.

57:00- Wrap Up. Ben and Brandon talk life lessons and must hear takeaways.


  1. This is a much needed message. Thank you both for being honest and real. There is no shortage of determination, perseverance and dedication among our friends and colleagues who are pursuing their passion for fitness. Like many of us, I connected my success in the gym with my self worth – which was my self-riotous perverted version of reality. We get to surround ourselves with powerful, focused, fierce warriors at the gym and in our daily lives! And that is great! But one crucial element is missing for many; the true vision of who they really are. You are not a “powerlifter”. She is not a “cross-fitter”. I am not a “bodybuilder”. Though these are the things we may enjoy doing above all else in life it does not define who we are. There is only one true definition of you. Even when you think you’ve reached the pinnacle, as Brandon said when you’re on top of the mountain and you’ve achieved it all, there may be a fleeting moment of vindication and satisfaction but it is temporary. Because soon after the overwhelming sense of emptiness will ultimately consume your thoughts. There is nothing we can accomplish, nothing we can achieve, no amount of acceptance from the world and no amount of money we can have in the bank that will fill the want in our hearts. There is only one source of that fulfillment, and that is knowing who God made you and how much he loves you. I hope and pray that these warriors will get the chance to have just a glimpse into the life that God intended for them. These warriors truly have the power to change the world.

  2. Minute 46.. Iron sharpens iron. Favorite part of this podcast and biggest take away for me right now. I have difficult patients all the time in my practice, and if I can remember what you both said that I should use it as a positive opportunity to learn and become better, I’ll be a better man. THANK YOU!


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