Brandon Lilly- The Rise, Fall and Life Lessons


Becoming the best in the world has it’s consequences. How the journey out of powerlifting has been one of Brandon’s biggest challenges and greatest triumphs. From surgeries to depression Lilly has dealt with it all and has great life lessons to share in this conversational episode between two legends.

1His new drug

2:40- How collapsing on stage changed the trajectory of Brandon’s life.

6:30- The decent. How coming down the mountain can be just as hard as ascending it.

9:35- His new drug. How social media gave Brandon a high even when he was at his low.

12:00 The Champion Mindset. Laser focus and drive is what is necessary to be a champion but what does it do to those around you.

15:40- How a childhood incident made Brandon give two middle fingers to the world and why it took him years to change that mentality.

17:05- How Brandon got into powerlifting and his advice to aspiring powerlifters.

21:05- Stop and smell the roses; the journey is what makes the destination.

23:55- Living without labels. The discussion turns to how labeling yourself can put you in a self-fulfilling box.

29:30- Escape vs. enlightenment- Brandon’s experimentation with drugs and how changing his end goal changed everything.