Bobby Maximus, The Maximus Body and The Green Light Thought Experiment

Fellow Canadian boy, Rob “Bobby Maximus” MacDonald joins Ben on the podcast today to break down the training, conditioning, and mindset of a UFC champ.

Bobby is the General Manager, Training Director, and Lead Seminar Instructor at Gym Jones. His experiences as a professional fighter and high-level athlete have helped to form the training at Gym Jones and the direction of the project.

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Time Stamps:

– 2:00 The Maximus Body

– 6:30 The behind the scenes truth about the training and technique in the sport of jiu-jitsu.

– 8:49 What a day of Jiu Jitsu training actually looks like.

– 11:23 The serious mental struggles that occur when you don’t have a specific goal.

– 13:00 The coaches behind Bobby’s success in Jiu-Jitsu.

– 14:00 The challenges behind the road to the UFC championship.

– 18:39 Making the shift from kickboxing and bouncing in a club to winning

– 24:15 Inside the Maximus Body philosophy.

– 25:10 Getting bullied and getting beat up by hockey players.

– 28:16 Overcoming self-limiting beliefs and the 2 things Bobby did every morning that changed his life.

– 30:30 The Green Light Thought Experiment.

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