BIG FLAVOUR Chilli Recipe | Jamie’s Made Personal

Everyone has a different way of cooking a chilli…funnily enough, Jamie's version changes every time. *BONUS: We meet baby Finn in this video!!

Here's (kinda) the recipe for Jamie's Chilli:
And the Cornbread:

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    • Ammu Parvathy it’s our British sense of humour, don’t worry 😂 my cousin turned round to my aunt and uncle when he was three and his little brother was a week old and said “I’m bored of him now, can we take him back to the hospital?”

  1. it just makes me emotional to see how far these guys have gone from just learning recipes off of Ben to cooking up a storm im just gonna cry in a corner. P.S. Finn is a really cute baby 💗

    • I always thought that everyone – except cooking shows – always cooked like that – I certainly do. Who actually measures or weighs out any ingredients when making food or keeps to an actual receipe? If you use common sense and have a bit of experience, it’s so much more fun and creative – also: delicous! ^_^ (and easier to use up left-overs – very important bit there!)

    • To be fair the only way to obtain that “common sense” and a bit of experience is through actually cooking, and following a recipe to the letter is a good way to get a feel for the ratios involved and how a proven dish is suppose to taste, “suppose to” is of course up to debate, but its a good base. I always tend to cook a dish as close to the recipe as possible the first couple of times I cook it before branching off since I’m a newbie in the kitchen.

  2. It’s not strange that Ben would have an adversion to children, after what happened with Tyrone and everything.

  3. This chili recipe is such a dad recipe! My dad and father-in-law have a base chili recipe and they add whatever we have in the fridge or pantry. It changes everytime haha! They have arguments about who’s chili is better or spicier or meatier and etc.

    Btw! Cute Kid, Jaime! Congrats on the new addition to the family!

  4. Con Carne was my go to dish as a Uni student and still my fav dish after 7 years. I love how similar I am to Jamie when making it, I literally chuck stuff in too. But mine my staple uses the beer I’m drinking instead of stock, cinnamon cause it’s so good, and pickled jalapeños.

    • Bushyman477 i do not want to use ketchup or worcestershire cause i dont like it to sweet or vinegary. Beer sounds great! Thanks! Anything else you can recommend? Sorted said red wine or tomato puree but to me that start to look like lasagne sauce. They also did ho that im not familiar with. We do have it in my country tho.

    • I normally use a packet mix con carne because its cheaper per weight than individual spices, but generally same spices they used with options for oregano and paprika, I’ll either chuck in a whole can of tomatoes and the beer or more beer and some fresh tomatoes, literally any type of beans, cannellini kidney black lentils chickpeas (they just take on the flavour of what you cook), if you dont like ketchup or Worcestershire you could go standard meat stock or even add splash of soy sauce and omit the salt seasoning. As they said, I don’t really have a recipe, it’s just what you feel like and what tastes good – there will be certain things that don’t work but just remember those haha

  5. 3:28 “he’s 8 and a half weeks old, and we’ve decided to keep him!” good. great. yes. this is how you dad. well done Jamie 😂😂😂

  6. It’s crazy. when I first discovered this channel back in 2011/2012, I hadn’t even met my wife yet. Now I’m a dad, and seeing Jamie with his newborn just reminds me how far we’ve all come. I’m glad Sorted Food has been so successful and shows no sign of slowing down. it’s been an great part of my life for the better part of a decade.

  7. WHATTTTT JAMIE HAS KIDS AND A WIFE!!!!!! Whattttt!!! How has this never been mentioned before!!!! Belated congratulations to Jamie on all!!!!

    • Keziah Yates in one of the ultimate battles he said he wife was in labor, and he has 2 kids, his eldest is a girl

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