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  1. I gotta say, you managed to stop me from clicking the skip button. But only
    because you guys are mad cute. c:

    Oh and that food looks amazing. 

    • Ikr! I was all like, well. New sub here! And I subscribed instantly without
      even looking at their channel :p

  2. Not gunna lie…. Saw this as an ad on another video and was about to skip
    it, but I heard “Don’t click away from this video. I know what you’re
    thinking, Ben’s face is quite scary,” so I stayed. And now I’m here. And
    subscribed. Oh gosh…

  3. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME HERE!!! <3 That advert going around YouTube
    REALLY pulled me in! 😀
    *#InstaSub** :)*

  4. I have watched quite a few of your videos now and they are really amazing
    keep up the fantastic work and your all so cute! 😉

    Oooh next recipe how about patatas bravas this was my favourite dish when I
    lived in Ibiza and I would love to see you guys try it.

  5. It isn’t free it has cost me years of my life

    Oh and money to make this amazing food ????