Ben STEALS Jamie Oliver’s Recipe

Creamy and rich yet a fresh and light fish pie. This dish is Ben all over.

Here's Ben's pimped version of a Fish Pie:
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  1. The boys are in their 30s now? Christ… feels like just yesterday that Jamie couldn’t stop warily glancing back at the camera like an awkward teenager. Now he is in charge of tiny people. I feel old.

    • Julia Hancock-Song I know, right? I was in college when o first started watching. Needed ideas to cook for myself. I still use the Thai curry recipe they did so long ago.

  2. “This is a cookbook my parents gave me for… I’m guessing my 12th birthday. I don’t know. How old am I?” Was the best thing Ben said in this Video

  3. The story behind such a simple dish is really touching. Man I love the team, i like the dish, I guess i just like Sorted Food in general. Keep up guys!

  4. First time I cooked (or baked) for my family was a cake with a jam filling . It was a total disaster xD I was 8 years old and took the salt instead of sugar.. But this wasn’t the only disaster. Our oven wasn’t working like it should be so the cake took 3 hours to bake xD
    11 years later and my family still didn’t trust me to salt anything xD

  5. I don’t usually comment on Youtube videos but this is an exception.
    Responding to your comments about teaching Ben, I have to say… you’re a very good teacher! The instructions are clear and concise but not overly detailed. And like any good teacher, you guys make learning fun and exciting! 🙂
    I’ve been watching you guys since I was about 14 and I’ve learned SO much over the years! I’m 21 now and living on my own, and I really enjoy cooking for myself and trying new things almost every single day. You guys have helped me see not just the joy and the fun of cooking also the practicality of it. And of course, the inspiration to put my own twist on what I make! Much love to the entire team. I just wanted to say I really appreciate what you do. Especially Ben and James for putting out recipes and tips and tricks that make it so easy for us to recreate all that delicious food at home! Keep doing what you do and I hope the community keeps growing!

    • Ann96T well we’re very glad you commented today. Thanks for sharing your food journey and keep it up! Remember, we’re constantly inspired by you guys giving the recipes a go… So it works both ways!

  6. Lovely video overall! I, for one, also think that Ben has it in him to be a great teacher. His passion for cooking and his ability to explain things clearly without overcomplicating them is part of what makes a teacher a great one. Guess he could be a decent food science teacher, too!
    The first dish I ever cooked for the family was a simple spaghetti alla bolognese. Cooked them mushroom & chicken risotto quite a few times, too — delish! I’ll try making them this fish pie, I’m sure everyone’s going to dig it. Also, can’t wait to see what the book will be like when finished!

  7. The first thing I cooked for my parents, or for myself, was one of Ben’s made personal recipes, the Squid Noodle Salad, I was 13 at the time and it was absolutely amazing, the second thing I cooked for them was a couple of cheese souffles, but they weren’t home, so when I discovered that the souffles were sinking, I just ate them.

  8. Jamie is definitely an amazing dad. Funny, not serious, lovable. Clearly going to bring up wonderful children and he’s gonna be so proud along the way

  9. Ben you are a great teacher! It’s the main reason I love this channel so much. I think good teachers make good YouTube channels. My husband used to teach woodworking seminars and now he has a YouTube channel too.

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