Ben Pakulski Barbell VS Dumbbell Bench Press

Is there a difference between a barbell and dumbbell when doing a bench press?

IFBB pro-Ben Pakulski teaches the difference between using a barbell and dumbbell bench press. In this video, Ben Pakulski uses a bench press comparing a barbell and dumbbell…

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  1. So, I have long arms and hate barbell press. My main chest exercise is
    dumbell press, and I sometimes supplement with lower weight barbell press.
    Is this fine?

    • If you are mainly doing dumbbell presses then you should easily be able to
      use more weight on barbell press because it doesn’t require much or your
      stabilizer muscles in comparison to dumbbell presses. So i’d think you’d
      have less tension on your chest

  2. I have a question Ben, if your elbows are going in during shorten position,
    is that similar to a dumbbell fly movement?

  3. If my goal is strength training? Is DB a good replace for a BB or it is no
    where near the effectiveness of a BB?

  4. Dumbbell is also less strain in your rotator cuff and less of a cheat than
    barbell because you can’t bend your back and pull your chest up. I see guys
    that can barbell bench 20 pounds more than me but can’t barbell bench as
    much as me lmao.

  5. Wow from a Biomechanical and Anatomy perspective you are making a lot of
    sense. Subscribed! I will check out your website. Thanks!