Big Back Exercises Everyone Does Wrong Dumbbell Rows


Big Back Exercises Everyone Does Wrong – Barbell Rows. Check out this link today to grow your back optimally.

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  1. Another great video, short and sweet getting the information out there
    instead of a 20 minute uninformative vlog like most channels. Keep them
    coming please

  2. Would intensional spinal rotation play a large role in dumbbell rows since
    the Lats origin from the lower spinal column ?

  3. Awesome videos man, not judging just giving tips and facts to why that way
    is the most beneficial for muscle growth. Keep them coming and great work!

    • That’s what it’s all about. How boring would things be if everybody did
      everything exactly the same, and had the same opinion on everything 😉

  4. Just love the way you explain it and how it correlates anatomically to the
    body. That part about having the same leg in front to prevent natural hip
    rotation of the body just makes so much sense now.
    Thanks for all you do Ben and MI40

  5. Ben, I don’t mean this is an argumentative way or like I am trying to prove
    you wrong but can you explain to me why there are some people who don’t
    follow the techniques you give yet they still build awesome backs.

    I watch a youtuber called “Alpha destiny” and he promotes cheat rows and
    using body English on rows to get the bar moving and add Lbs/Kgs.

    He has developed a good back for a natural guy and so have a lot of his
    clients and people who listen to his advice, I did not fully listen to his
    advice I just stopped doing completely strict rows and added a little body
    English and i swear my back blew up as soon as i started doing so,
    especially my upper back.


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