Avocado Chocolate Mousse Recipe #spon

Creamy, smooth chocolate mousse with avocado?! Yep you heard that right. It's simply to die for.

Get the recipe:

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    • afaik dark chocolate doesn’t have dairy in it. Which i believe is what they used. Don’t qutoe me on that, this all just off the top of my head.

    • BTW, where I come from farmers gather hay into large balls and wrap them in white plastic tarps. These are jokingly referred to as “cow-eggs”…

      I was also about to type that you can’t cook with “cow eggs” – but an ice cream parlour close to me actually has a “roasted hay” flavour. I have yet to try it.

    • CANE sugar isn’t vegan? And neither is COCONUT cream? If vegan’s the choice, why is there no substitute for the egg whites (and not the sweetener or the liquid, which are both plant-sourced)?

      Unless I’m completely mistaken on what “vegan” entails.

    • The honey isn’t vegan as it is produced by bees. All the other ingredients are vegan except the ones I already wrote about.

    • nobbie01
      I’m very confused at what you’re trying to argue lol. Sara’s comment was just a tip on how to make it vegan. Chickpea water whipped up instead of egg whites, and a plant based sweetner instead of honey.

    • Sara Undestam thanks this was really useful because I clicked thinking it might be vegan and when I realised that it wasn’t I was trying to think for alternatives. Maybe an egg replacer would work because you can whip egg replacers

  1. No matter how many videos i would watch , i am still not brave enough to try an avocado mousse. Tell me how good it is

    • If I’m not mistaken, it’s the egg yolk that’s the issue? I’ve seen zillion recipes that call for beaten egg whites without cooking them…

    • If you know where your eggs come from and they are fresh, most people I know are neither worried about the yolks nor the whites. Mind you, if I was buying cheap eggs from the supermarket, I wouldn’t touch them raw either, not even the whites.

    • +nobbie01 Logical problem with that… poached or soft boiled eggs. I think most British eggs are safe to eat raw nowadays.

    • Apparently the only reason some eggs were found to have salmonella in them was because their mothers(?) were fed scraps of raw chicken meat by some idiots who decided it was a good idea. Most eggs these days (at least in the uk) come from reputable farms who feed their chickens grain based foods. Usually as long as your eggs are fresh it’s fine to eat them raw, hence all the fitness drinks/milkshakes with raw egg in.

  2. Didn’t you make those biscuits before? I have made them before and I am pretty sure I got the recipe from you guys 🙂

    • 5 years?!! I feel old… I just took a look at the oldest videos on your channel and I even remember recipes that aren’t there anymore!!!

    • Chocolate and lime isn’t for everyone… not as common place as chocolate and orange. And yet the combo works beautifully!

    • erm… it behaves slightly different as an ingredient. So you’d need to check it out. If you do though… let us know!

    • Thank you for the response. I figured it probably would because it’s more of a powder compared to desiccated coconut. I’ll let you know how it goes when I get chance to do some testing.

  3. Okay, to clear everything up for those confused. Yes, the mousse is dairy free as dark chocolate uses cocoa butter in higher quality dark chocolate and makes it dairy free and vegan (double points there for vegans). The honey can be substituted for a plant based sweetener like agave or something similar and finally, for the egg whites, use either aqua faba or tinned chickpea water. Also, side note, they said the mousse itself could be made vegan with a few changes as it was the main star, not the cookies. There are things vegans use (not sure on the names) they use to substitute in recipes for eggs, though I am not sure how well it will work in the cookies or if it would change the flavor or consistency. I hope that clears everything up on the whole ‘dairy free’ and ‘making it fully vegan’ questions! I hope everyone has a great day!

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