Dr. Hardt, Alpha Training, Train Your Brainwaves To Perform At A Peak Level in 7 Days


Physicist, psychologist, and psychophysiologist, with over forty years of research and clinical practice in neurofeedback brainwave enhancement, Dr James V Hardt talks with Ben today on how we can use a 7 Day brain training program to learn how to control our brainwaves.

2Is alpha training better than acid?

35:40 Is alpha training better than acid?

39:30 Alpha brain waves during athletic competition, how athletes can achieve peak performance in their sport

43:43 Canadian aboriginals, PTSD, and neurofeedback training.

54:30 Breathing exercises to do at home increase your intelligence and alpha waves.

56:40 Mastering your deepest desire.

57:32 Foods your probably eating that decrease alpha waves.

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  1. BPak, I’m so pumped you’re into this. You should also look into Dr Alan Watkins. He talks about how you can influence your behavior by influencing your emotions through breathing techniques that influence your physiology. I noticed that your guest Dr. Hardt touched on it in your interview.


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