Alex Viada, The Skills and Secrets of The Hybrid Athlete


Elite endurance coach, ultra marathon runner and 700lb squatter, Alex Viada joins Ben to talk about running and cycling mechanics for endurance training, the importance of skill acquisition and mastering your craft for all athletes and the parallels between bodybuilding and endurance sports.

2Oxidative stress in bodybuilding vs endurance training

35:40 Oxidative stress in bodybuilding vs endurance training.
41:00 Should you question your coach? Or should you follow and focus on execution?
43:00 How to find a good coach for running or bodybuilding.
45:30 What all the top coaches are saying across all sports.
50:37 How to master the skills and fundamentals of endurance training.
58:45 What signs to look out for in running or biking for larger athletes.
1:00:55 Dumbbell walking lunges for endurance athletes.
1:04:30 Tour De France athletes.