Alex Viada, The Skills and Secrets of The Hybrid Athlete


Elite endurance coach, ultra marathon runner and 700lb squatter, Alex Viada joins Ben to talk about running and cycling mechanics for endurance training, the importance of skill acquisition and mastering your craft for all athletes and the parallels between bodybuilding and endurance sports.

1Progressing the skill acquisition for an endurance

11:42 How to go about progressing the skill acquisition for an endurance. Bike mechanics, pedal strokes for 50 miles rides.
15:35 Alex’s bike crash and the key to breaking plateaus.
17:20 The parallels between contest prep and endurance training.
29:15 What form for running really entails, Alex’s checklist for perfect running form.
32:50 Maintaining form and skill acquisition through fatigue.  The key nutrition aspects of maintaining performance.



  1. Huge fan Ben, been employing loads of your techniques the last year or so and they’ve helped hugely with bringing my physique to the next level. Made it to internationals this year 👌💪
    Any other bodybuilders out there who enjoy intensity aswel a scientific approach to training and nutrition you may enjoy my channel.

    • have ehard of him, but can u eggsplain what the key changes are u did and the timeframe of adaptation and being able to do teh hybrid stuff ? thanks hun


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