Adam Miller, Jacques Taylor Neurological Training for Strength and Muscle Gain


On the podcast, today are two brilliant minds and expert strength coaches.  MI40 Gym’s own Adam Miller,  former top collegiate strength and conditioning coach and world-ranked, national record holding powerlifter. Also, neuroscientist, exercise scientist and founder of MyoTopia, Jacques Taylor.

Both join Ben to discuss potentiation sets, programming for strength gains, the effect your mindset and emotions have towards training a certain body part and how this effects workout performance and much more.

1What is stress?

3:15 What’s going on with the nervous system when it comes to strength?

6:40 What is stress? Force per unit area.

9:00 The energy demands of eccentric, concentric, and isometric parts of the motion.

9:50 What’s the most effective method to learn how to use high threshold motor units in less time?

12:35 Does motor unit recruitment decrease as you fatigue?

14:49 Failure is not one point, it’s a process.

15:40 How to know when you’re fatigued and when you need to just man up.

19:00 What a potentiation set looks like and how to do it.

21:30 Off-season powerlifting training volume, is more volume really needed to get stronger? Or are you wasting your time?

23:05 The impact of your mind on the quality of your training session.

24:02 Synaptic hypertrophy?

30:15 What 90% of personal trainers are doing wrong with their programming.