Somehow you guys really loved our DISASTER of a video where this went horribly wrong. So naturally, we did it again! How do we make this better??

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    • It’s actually not that original because Masterchef US and Masterchef Australia do this as a team challenge all the time. But it’s so fun seeing the boys do this kinds of challenges.. It’s so entertaining i love it..

  1. Walking around town peering into bakeries and then your phone goes off with a SORTEDfood notification! Like it was meant to be 😂

  2. Wow, Ben really is amazing!! I was so impressed when he came on. And Barry was so creative! That dish looks really yummy, great job guys!!!

  3. IT WAS EDIBLE xD well done guys , well done ! No one messed it up this time xD Everyone did a great job

  4. Basically what happened in this video:
    Mike: surprisingly competent and a great teamplayer
    James: the chef we all love
    Jamie: now to something completely different!!!!
    Ben: let´s organize this and bring it to the next level
    Barry: let´s keep the stove(s) on as always

    all in all….way better than the last attempt^^

    • gaukaiser
      -Ben AND James: the chef’s we all love!
      -And I have to disagree with your description of what Barry did… He did a great job pulling it all together at the very end. I think that’s one of the toughest parts of the whole deal. (Although I do agree, he does tend to leave the the stove top on!) 😀

    • varunkumar83 yeah, the clues kind of take away from the whole point of the video in my opinion 🤷‍♀️

    • varunkumar83 I agree, with the exception of time – we don’t want to see a burnt thing in the oven right?

    • I think it was necessary, particularly Mike’s with when the Yorkshire pudding batter should go in. But they could’ve done without Jamie’s mash clue.

  5. Looked a lot better than the first episodes recipe but I like the idea of this as it’s a trial and error type video idea. I liked how everyone knew what they were doing quite quickly and there wasn’t much panic (or it seemed like it) can’t wait to see what comes next!

  6. Really loving pass it on. And my father and I enjoy dad joke of the week. Keep it up boys!!! And I know what I’m making for dinner!!!!

  7. I was so happy when Barry presented the plate it’s unreal 😂😂😂😂
    I think you should include a part where you tell what you were going for, like in the previous ‘pass it on’ video, it’s nice to see how each and every one of you saw the situation and translated the information given to them by the last person who was cooking

  8. Formulate a sort of strategy. For example,
    my recommended lineup would be:
    1) Ben/Mike/James – put up a good, creative base.
    2) Mike/Ben – build on that idea and get done with the important prep- leaving just putting things in pans for the next two.
    3)Barry – Put things in pans, take things out of the oven, make a salad or something.
    4)Jamie – you’re bringing him in this late so that he can’t muck everything up, say, by deciding a steak would be a great complement to a cheesecake.
    5)Ben/James – pick up any of the broken pieces left by the boys, add some finishing touches and flair.

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