£60 Food Challenge: A Mystery Night in London

The guys have each been challenged with creating the best night out in London on a given budget – first up is Barry impressing with nasi goreng, skiing and lots of beer!

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  1. As much as I love this type of content from you guys (or actually really anything that you make), I am kinda missing the old fashioned recipe videos….. when’s one of them guys???

  2. Love this it’s a great idea for a video. I love going to London but never know what to do for a night out and always think it going to be really expensive so this idea is great to give myself and others ideas on what to do and price range. This looked like a good night and I’m looking forward to seeing what the others do 👏🏻

  3. take them to Bath city, get a private bath spa and real Italian pizza (they accept a lot of vouchers) and then end in a movie in the little theater. sorted.

  4. *Gondola* Ben being a Sir 🎩
    *Thermo leggings* Ben being a granny 👵
    *You do know my toung* , *I got big socks on* Ben being Ben 😚

  5. I didn’t know i wanted to see those guys ice skating but after this I really,really,really need to see them fall on the ice. That would be even funnier 😂
    Great new format btw!

  6. I first thought this video would be a bit boring because I dont like watching people order food and eat it and not really know the contents of it. But this was an enjoyable video! Great work, make more!

  7. I really enjoyed this video! I also think that Barry did really good with his Big Night Out choices. I had no idea that London had a skating rink nor that restaurant and it was really cool to see it. I do agree that the skating should have been before Apres, but then you wouldn’t have had the drinks to give you courage to go onto the ice. 😉 And to those who kept saying 60 pounds was too much for the food… it wasn’t. That 60 pounds included your skating and the drinks as well. It’s called Big Night Out because it includes everything in the evening, not just the food. Barry did good IMHO.

  8. Great video idea! i had to use the captions to be able to understand what you guys were saying, too much noise at some points in the video. Other than that, good job!

  9. I agree, with someone?, that Barry put a lot of thought into this evening. Great ideas and give him credit for being the first one that had to set it up. It’s hard to be the first one, everyone can see where there could have been Improvement and learn from Barry! I thought Barry set up a delightful evening, too bad they couldn’t have had the drinks before skating and then dinner after…. Live and learn!!
    *Great job Barry* !!! 😘X

    • Yeah, also they kept talking about the cost per person when it had to cover EVERYTHING, not just the food & drinks. It would have been one thing if they just went to a restaurant or pub and ate and drank, but they didn’t. You go to a couple places that aren’t in walking distance of each other with no DD, and it starts to add up. It was actually a good way to budget the evening. Also it’s the hardest to be first. I feel like they’ve been picking on Barry a lot more lately, even Ben…..anybody else? Anyway, good job Barry!!!

  10. I’ve been watching you guys for almost 3 years now and I’ve learned a lot but…
    tbh I’m just gonna use this videos to plan my trip to London so…….

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