6 INCREDIBLE Desserts In One RIDICULOUS Ice Cream Sundae

This might be the greatest ice cream sundae in the world. There are 6 desserts in one!!! Hot chocolate fudge sauce, chocolate, strawberry AND vanilla ice cream, toasted marshmallows & sandwich cookies. Boy oh boy we may die.

Desserts In Duvets Kickstarter:

Get the recipe:

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  1. Hi Sorted Food! Question from an American baker, will the measurements for recipes in the book only be in metric, or will there also be measurements listed in cups as well for those of us on the other side of the pond? (yes I know I should be weighing out all of the ingredients to be more precise, but who has time/patience to get out a scale when one is craving an indulgent dessert :P)

  2. Was anyone else constantly looking at the arrow behind them on the couch? Every time they came on, I immediately looked at the vine on the wall

  3. I wonder what they’d watch. Some Pride and prejudice perhaps? Or maybe Sherlock? Cooking documentaries? Seriously am I the only one curious?

  4. I would so love to, but the exchange rate right now is more than enough to make my headspin. Will the book be available outside the kickstarter?

  5. Went and saw the kickstarter page and I love the idea…, but… not everybody is like you guys. For instance, I’m diabetic, so I would needs at least a chapter on Sugar Free desserts for me to even consider pledging for the book. Please include a chapter for us SF folks. Okay?

  6. Lmaoo “You dont have to take your clothes off to have a good time. You just need 1.2 litres of double cream, countless amounts of butter, golden syrup and chocolate.”

    Shortened it a bit.

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