5 Reasons Losing Weight Fast is Easier than Losing Weight for Good


We’ve seen it happen with everybody from celebs like Kirstie Alley and Janet Jackson, to former Biggest Loser contestants—heck, even one of the most powerful women in the world, Oprah Winfrey, can’t seem to maintain weight loss. Losing the weight is only half the battle; keeping it off for good is another story.

So why is it so darn hard to keep the weight off?

2Reason #2

Weight loss changes your metabolic needs. Talk about a double-edged sword: the less you weigh, the fewer calories you need to maintain your weight. Once you’ve stopped ‘dieting,’ you can’t go back to eating the same amount of food that you were accustomed to, Olson says.

“If you cut your calories to 1800 a day and lose 10 pounds, your new body might only need 1800 calories to maintain your new weight. Lighter bodies have less mass and cells and therefore require less energy to maintain those living tissues and cells.”

Maximize every calorie by planning ahead and stock your fridge with foods that will fill you up, not out.


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