300 Rep Warm-Up, Carb Intake to Reduce Inflammation, Micro Changes for Squat Progression


Ben Pakulski and world-record holding powerlifter Matt Wenning break down the training, nutrition and recovery strategies for developing maximum strength, why you don’t need to squat more to get better at the squat, and secrets learned from legends like Charles Poliquin and Stan Efferding.

2Maximizing protein synthesis and minimizing inflammation

21:34 – Maximizing protein synthesis and minimizing inflammation.

24:14 – Coconut Oil and how Poliquin and helped Matt move to end his dependence.

26:10 – Using the ketogenic diet strategically to get big, strong and lean.

27:20 – Sleeping 12 hours. The similarities between Matt and Ed Coan

30:00 – Recovery secrets from Larry Pacifico AKA “ Mr Powerlifting”

37:40 – The epic warm-up: Doing 300 reps before maxing and motor unit potentiation.

46:45 – Lime juice and Pink salt pre-workout.

47:50 – New training equipment for competitive athletes and powerlifters, the belt squat machine and the tricep bench.

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  1. Great conversation; Mike O’Hearn also mentioned he likes to change angles and variations of the lifts to become stronger.

    You know Ben; I’ve followed you for a long time now – I’d be interested in listening to you sharing your new approach to lifting.


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