30-Minute Full-Body Jennifer Lopez Workout

Tone your whole body with Jennifer Lopez's trainer, David Kirsch. To advance this workout, add a pair of gliders and light and medium free weights.

For more from David Kirsch, visit .

On Anna: Gottex activewear and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes

On Rachel: Alo Yoga outfit and Adidas shoes

On David: Lululemon shorts

Manduka mats

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  1. Amazing video! For anyone that is interested in more workouts I upload Victoria’s Secret Workout Routines every day from Monday till Friday

  2. Solid exercises, but, terribly executed. Did this guy leave his personality at home when you filmed this? His instruction is awful. His form is questionable and he doesn’t do the same number of exercises on each side of the body. He says to hold the plank for 30 seconds…he barely makes it to 20 seconds when he says to release. I had to keep doing mountain climbers and jumping jacks to keep my heartrate up. I LOVE Popsugar, but this workout falls very short for me. Sorry Anna…not a fan of this one.

  3. Let’s get Kirsched?….  Yikes.  This is my least favorite PS workout.  Didn’t like this guy at all and the lack of cues made it hard to follow unless I was constantly looking at my screen.

  4. Really wish he would explain the exercises more and tell you when to switch. He didn’t model enough or explain what was going on during the exercises but then talked way too much during the breaks.

  5. Slow controlled, my heart rate was up though i only wish he cued better but a killer workout.
    Can you do a workout by bodiesbyp ?

  6. Give the guy a break guys…I don’t know anything about him, but not everyone is a “front of the camera, let’s go, let’s get it” type of a person. It was a good routine nonetheless….make it your own!

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