102 Things To Do With Eggs?!

The internet is full of hacks and ideas to use eggs but forget 5, 10 or even 50 things you can do with them because we're going to show you 102!! Maybe. It's a challenge…

For the full list of egg things and all the recipes head here:

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  1. I’m curious to know how many eggs did they use for this video! 😂 Also, STEAMED EGG?!! So darn good! Can’t believe you guys didn’t do it.

  2. This video makes me think of two things that I miss from Sorted videos: 1. Eye Candy (I know it takes forever to film, but they’re so PRETTY!) 2. Mike’s songs playing in the background (They’re good and we miss his silver pipes).

  3. Egg-Squisite Video. Not very Egg-citing but all in all an Egg-ceptional Eggs-ercise.

    Are you egg-noring me? Don’t you like my egg-cellent jokes?

  4. Pretty comprehensive, I must say, until it went completely out of control. Did you mention that the 100 pleats in the original chef’s touque were said to represent the number of ways he/she could cook an egg?

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