10 Simple Ingredients For Lifelong Fat Loss


With all ventures, there are basic principles that drive success. Ignore them at your peril. But should you follow them, you’ll be on the road to success. The same principles apply to fitness.

You need to ruthlessly execute the basics, particularly if you want to lose fat. But as anyone who’s struggled with a diet can tell you, simply doesn’t mean easy.

This post provides you with the principles and tools to succeed in losing fat and looking better naked. But principles and tools don’t tell the whole story. You’ll also need practical strategies if you want to successfully lose fat.

3The Law Of Satiation

Eating a high protein and high fibre diet is a pillar for successful fat loss as protein boosts muscle retention (so your muscles look defined once you’re lean) while both fibre and protein keep you full.

So, what’s the secret sauce that makes protein and fiber so important? Fiber is difficult for your stomach to digest. It takes up a lot of room in your gut and triggers receptors in your brain to tell you-you’re full. Even better, fiber slows the release of insulin in your bloodstream.

So fiber is a slam dunk which helps you control blood sugar for faster fat loss and gains in lean muscle.

As a bonus, fiber also improves cardiovascular health, controls diabetes, controls blood pressure, and of course, cleanses your GI tract and give you high-quality poops.

Eating more fiber doesn’t have to mean consuming more grains. The best weight loss strategy is to replace grains with fibre-rich greens and fruits. At dinner, think about eating steak and asparagus, not steak and a quadruple bacon burger with fries.

So what about protein? Eating a high protein diet is arguably the most important factor in improving your physique. For starters, proteins break down into amino acids.

These are the powerhouse molecules that replace dead cells, support growth and help synthesize other important molecules in your body. Eating a high protein diet can boost glucagon, a hormone released when blood sugar drops to stimulate the breakdown of glycogen (stored carbs) into glucose for your body to help you lose stubborn fat.

Compared to lower protein diets, high protein diets help you retain lean muscle mass during a diet while also keeping you full. To maximize fat loss aim for protein at each meal and aim for at least 1 gram for every pound of bodyweight.

To hit your protein goals, eat lean protein like fish, poultry, lean cuts of beef, and mix in the occasional protein shake.

Eating protein and fiber-rich foods keeps you full and provides your body with essential macros, vitamins, and minerals with fewer calories than most other foods.

To stay full, optimize health, and avoid crushing a bag of Doritos in a diet fueled eating frenzy, crush your lean meats and veggies.