John Amaral The Connection Between the Energy World and Our Physical Selves

John Amaral is the go-to energy worker for Celebrities, Athletes, and Billionaires. On this episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast, John and Ben introduce us to the...

Dr. Andy Galpin Muscle Fiber Type Training

Coming to you from the Fitness Business Summit in San Diego we have Dr. Andy Galpin. Dr. Galpin is a researcher at Cal State Fullerton who is...

Dave Tate A Conversation with a Personal Hero

Dave Tate, one of the top powerlifting coaches in the world and founder of Elite FTS, sits down with Ben to discuss a variety of topics. Discussed...

Dr. Bryan Walsh The Detox Doctor on the Four Phases of Detox

Dr Bryan Walsh, a former trainer, bodybuilder and expert on detoxification. Dr Walsh goes deep into the science of detoxification including the four phases of detox, best...
2 exercises ages

Top 3 Exercises That Age You Faster

Exercising is a great way to keep the blood flowing in your body and maintain optimal health for the long term. The problem, however, is that many of...
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