How to Stop Snoring

Are you looking for some inside information on how to stop snoring? Have you been suffering from mysterious headaches? Are you tired, in the middle of the day—for no reason at all? Are your loved ones complaining that you’re especially irritable or moody?

Amazingly, the root of all these problems may just be your snoring. And unfortunately, snoring may be the sign of a whole range of other, more serious health problems.

Snoring—besides being bothersome to your bed mate—is a common symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. This condition, also known as OSA, actually causes you to stop breathing while you sleep; and often hundreds, if not thousands of times per night.

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This halt in breathing occurs when your tongue, throat and jaw muscles relax, which then cause your airway to be blocked. When breathing stops, the body reacts with a momentary spike in blood pressure.

Because these jagged halts in breathing can occur hundreds of times nightly, the effects are multiplied—and truly dangerous.

As a result, OSA has been proven to cause a range of serious health problems, including:

• Heart attacks
• Hypertension
• Heart disease and plaque buildup
• Strokes
• Depression
• Diabetes

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Unfortunately, diagnosis and treatment for OSA is often overly expensive, ineffective—or both. Because they are conducted by licensed sleep centers, they involve an overnight stay, which is obviously very time-consuming.

Mouthpieces are a common treatment for snoring, as well. However, some of these mouthpieces jam the jaw shut, which can feel uncomfortable, and cut into sleep. Additionally, many of these mouthpieces require that you boil them so that the material softens to better fit your mouth—a lot of hassle, for too-little gain.

How to Stop Snoring – Cures, Remedies and Tips for You and Your Partner

For many people snoring is a serious health issue and can have grave implications including chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, weight gain, heart failure and stroke. But there is help. Recent studies have shown that wearing a jaw supporter during sleep time can effectively treat snoring and sleep apnea.

Recently, a clinical trial conducted at the Kochi Hospital in Japan demonstrated how a chinstrap alone improved obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

The most popular, effective chinstrap is the My Snoring Solution chinstrap. Invented by a heavy snorer out of frustration—and a fear for his health—it works immediately. Today, tens of thousands of users across the world are sleeping better, and in turn, living longer.

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